Help position Downtown as an economically robust urban center for Lynchburg and the region. 


Since 2004, Downtown has experienced: 

•  $74 million in private investment

•  $64 million in public investment in buildings, utilities and infrastructure

•  Property value appreciation of $81 million in ten years

•  353 businesses opened and 706 jobs created

•  Approximately 328 businesses with 4,800 employees

•  Approximately 822 residential units developed at 90% occupancy rate with rent ranging from $600 to $1500 per month. 


But there is always more work to be done. Together we can establish a thriving city center. 

For more than twenty years, we have worked to strengthen Downtown Lynchburg through beautification efforts, community events, volunteer clean-ups, public art projects, downtown business promotion, and more. 

Partner with us to fund marketing initiatives, public space improvements, business recruitment efforts, and cultural events that enhance the Downtown experience for both visitors and residents.  Click here to see Downtown Lynchburg Associations 2018 Projects and Programs.


Why Invest in Downtown?

•  Supporting Downtown Lynchburg Association will pay dividends by strengthening your ability to recruit talented employees to our region.

•  You will see your return on investment in public space improvements, increased storefront occupancy, amenities like a grocery store, and cultural events that support your valuable employees.

•  Prospective College Students, our potential future work force, are attracted to a city that is vibrant, rich with cultural activity, and feels welcoming in the evenings and on weekends.

•  Stakeholder engagement in Downtown revitalization lends credibility and sustainability to both long term and short term plans for the future of our city.


Partner With Us Today

To donate online, please download and fillable PDF below and e-mail it to Ashley Kershner at


Partnership Levels

$500 +

  • Recognition on and in

  • Recognition in DLA Annual Report

  • Insider Info email

$1,000 +

All above plus...

  • Two tickets to semi-annual ”Downtown on Tap” event

  • Facebook post highlighting your business as a Downtown Partner 

$2,500 +

All above plus...

  • 4 x 8 Bluffwalk Brick for your organization

  • Four additional tickets to semi-annual ”Downtown on Tap” event (4 total)

  • Instagram post highlighting your business as a Downtown Partner

$5,000 +

All above plus...

  • 8 x 8 Bluffwalk Brick for your organization

  • Two additional tickets to semi-annual ”Downtown on Tap” event (6 total)

  • Blog Post on

  • 60 second video highlighting your business and/or role in downtown posted on Facebook and Instagram


To make a donation by check, please mail to:

Downtown Lynchburg Association
901 Church Street, Suite 103
Lynchburg, VA  24504

All Donations are 100% Tax Deductible. 

Please contact Ashley Kershner, Executive Director, at with questions about giving to the Downtown Lynchburg Association.