Strong, Vibrant, and Welcoming


We strive to create a strong, vibrant, and welcoming downtown with a unique and historic character. Each year, DLA works to identify projects and programs that will bolster the existing strengths of the district, and that address issues that may challenge continued progress. To ensure Downtown’s continued growth and vitality, DLA has selected the following Projects and Programs for 2019.

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Improve Visitor Experience

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With much gratitude to the Schewel Charitable Foundation, Downtown Lynchburg’s pocket park provides bench seating, shade, and is surrounded by native plant material. The pocket park adds a much needed green space and seating to Downtown, improving the approachability and livability of our urban core.  


With a large variety of signs in Downtown, it can be difficult to determine where to go and where to park. DLA will replace the current signage with a new and attractive signage system that will provide a more navigable and welcoming experience for locals and tourists alike.

Maps & Print Materials

To complement the new wayfinding, we will work to create new, visitor-friendly maps to help those less familiar with our Downtown find their way. Have you seen our new parking map?

Adopt a Block Program

To assist the City with creating a clean and beautiful Downtown environment, we will introduce a new program that engages area citizens and businesses in the upkeep of the district. Learn more...

Increase Awareness of and Visitation to Downtown

Downtown Marketing & Promotional Campaigns

Downtown is growing, changing, and getting more exciting every day. We work to make sure everyone knows it. Through our social media, email marketing, website, and advertising efforts, we show what is happening in downtown every day. Are you in the know? Sign up for our newsletter here.

Parking Awareness Campaign

We get it. Parking can be hard. But did you know that there are over 2,000 public parking spaces in Downtown Lynchburg? This year, we will launch a parking awareness campaign aimed at educating area residents about the parking options available to them. 

Create a Vibrant
and Exciting Downtown


Get Downtown

Lynchburg’s favorite street festival! Originally created to welcome college students to Downtown, this free event has grown to a celebration of all things Downtown. Drawing people from throughout the region to the district, this event introduces citizens to local businesses, and helps to establish a pride of place among our residents. 


First Fridays

This event is a Lynchburg tradition, inviting local citizens to enjoy arts and culture on the first Friday of every month, featuring artists, performers, exhibits, and more. The event draws hundreds to downtown, ensuring strong restaurant visitation.  


The lighting of Lynchburg’s Christmas tree was created to get locals into the Christmas spirit through live music, local treats and vendors.

Maintain a
Business-Friendly Environment

Downtown Business Communication

Through personal outreach and consistent communication efforts, we keep businesses informed on issues that may affect them.


Small Business Saturday

DLA makes use of this shopping holiday to promote the message of “Shop small, shop local” in Lynchburg.