New Wayfinding Downtown

What did we do?

We know that as our downtown grows it can be tricky to navigate and having old confusing signage does not help. So, we created some new signage to help you navigate with ease!

This spring, the Downtown Lynchburg Association completed The Wayfinding Project β€” new and improved signage that guides visitors and residents through downtown, enhancing your understanding and experience of the space.

Why did we do this?

Downtown Lynchburg is growing a lot! All these changes bring new signs, materials, and destinations which result in a disconnected confusing wayfinding system in need of some major updates and connectivity.

The Wayfinding Project works towards DLA’s mission by focusing on 3 major components:

  • BRANDING: Updated, interesting, and easy to read signs help reenforce brand identity for the city to create excitement and pride of place. 

  • WAYFINDING: A strong wayfinding system increases visitation and tourism and encourages navigation and use.

  • MARKETING: We are using new signage as a comprehensive marketing campaign to increase visitation to the downtown area, something that will help support downtown businesses and create a more lively place. 

Parking Signage

Old parking signs were cluttered, negative, poorly marked and had names that did not correlate with their location. All this added up makes for a frustrating downtown experience, something we do not want for our visitors!

Therefore, we replaced these signs with simple, positive, and colorful signs that clearly mark where you can park. Parking lots were also renamed based on the street they are located or named after a nearby landmark.


Old attraction signs were originally inconsistent, cluttered, difficult to see, and pointed to attractions that no longer exist. 

We worked with the City of Lynchburg to edit and refine signage designs and rules.

Together, we created guidelines to help decide what attractions should be included on signs in order to reduce clutter and ensure consistency and clarity.

How did we do this?

Signage is expensive and it always changes. We wanted to make signs that were cost-effective and versatile. To do this, we utilized existing sign poles and the City of Lynchburg sign shop to replace old signs with materials and fonts that are simple, modern, and inexpensive. So, when things change in the future, replacing signs will not be as cost-prohibitive.

We are very excited about these improvements! The updated wayfinding system visually enhances our downtown, contributes to revitalization efforts, and most importantly makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Excited about these changes too? Then come downtown and enjoy driving with ease!