March on Litter

All of us are lucky to live on this beautiful Earth and enjoy nature's gifts, so now is the time for everyone to give back. On Saturday, March 24, 2012, the City of Lynchburg and Citizens for a Cleaner Lynchburg will be hosting the March on Litter event to help rid our community of unwanted trash. This event is part of Great American Cleanup for Keep America Beautiful, a national organization that helps individuals give back to their communities and keep the environment clean.

Many studies have been done to determine how many planet Earths it would take to sustain our everyday lifestyles. Results as high as 3-5 Earths have been calculated and only continue to increase. So why not be part of the solution? The March on Litterevent will take place from 9am- 12 pm on Saturday, March 24 at the Community Market. Each volunteer will receive a designated clean-up site, safety vest, gloves, orange trash bags, and great appreciation from the members of your community. Refreshments will be provided as well.

This event is rain or shine. Call (434-455-4469) to volunteer in the March on Litter event or show up at the Community Market by 9am. It will be rewarding to yourself, your community, and your Earth. Stay up to date with more information on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Here are some everyday tips from Keep America Beautiful on how to be more environmentally friendly:

  • Pick up a piece of litter every day
  • Keep a litter bag in your car or your recreational vehicle so you dispose of litter properly
  • Work with the local civic groups to identify and eliminate eyesores, and beautify the local environment
  • Help your local schools conduct recycling drives and clean-up projects
  • Donate your old computer equipment or dispose of it properly
  • Recycle your old tires
  • Donate gently used clothes to needy organizations and shelters and identify other items that you can reuse

Have a bright and happy day,

Lynchs Landing

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children".

~Native American Proverb