Participating in Restaurant Week!

As many of you know, this week is Lynchburg Restaurant Week. Many Lynchburg restaurants are participating by offering special deals on their menus and showcasing their best dishes. For my lunch break today, my fellow Lynch's Landing intern and I decided to break out of the everyday brown bag lunch, and participate in Restaurant Week! We went to Catalano's for our first course.  I got the Greek Salad (no olives) with the Green Goddess dressing.  My friend got the Charlie Boy sandwich.  It was DELICIOUS! My salad was colorful and crisp and the dressing was a great compliment to the veggies and feta.  I am also a sucker for pepperocini peppers, which are featured in this particular salad. My friend really enjoyed her sandwich as well. She said the meat tasted very fresh and she liked the fact that there was no cheese or dressing, and she could focus on the taste of the meat.  We loved our meals there, but no lunch outing is complete without a little desert! So, we scooted down Main Street to Taste Selects for a cupcake. The selection was overwhelming and we stood there for what felt like ten minutes trying to pick the perfect cupcake when they all looked so good! I picked the Creme Brulee and my friend picked the Red Velvet.  Mine was so tasty, and the vanilla custard filling really hit the spot and made the cupcake special; something I couldn't whip up at home.  My friend really loved her Red Velvet cupcake as well! It was a great outing for us interns and now my belly is full and I have two new favorite restaurants Downtown.  Check out Lynchburg Restaurant Week and enjoy some of the unique restaurants Lynchburg has to offer!

Have a great week!
Lynch's Landing