Art on Main ~ April 1, 2016

Join us to kickstart our newest project Art on Main and meet
participating Artists!

This upcoming First Friday, April 1st, 2016 is the launch of “ART ON MAIN”, showing art in vacant buildings on Main Street in Lynchburg between the 700 and 1300 Block.

An open (to the public) reception with artists and members of the Arts Council will be held on First Friday, April 1 at 1300 Main Street, future home of the Grassroots Local Market.
More information and bios of the artists can be found here:

The concept of art in vacant buildings is not new; it’s been done before, like Syracuse NY and St. Louis, MO. The benefit of art in vacant windows is proven to be effective in ...various aspects:
Art in windows provides the visitor a feeling of security and creates an aesthetic focal point in an otherwise unsightly abandoned building.
“A vacant building creates a mental “end of street” for the visitor, and they often turn around, leaving the next business just beyond the vacant one without a potential sale. But occupying the vacant building with art or an aesthetic focal point changes the “end of street” to somewhere else; says Jason St. Clair, Board Member of the JRCAH and manager of this project, “simply put, the art helps create a bridge from one store to another.

Additionally, attention is not placed on the artist’s work that cannot otherwise be promoted. Property owners struggling to lease their building get more eyes on their building, which could potentially lead to a quicker time to lease.
Finally, the community benefits by having vacant buildings transformed to an outdoor art exhibit, and promoting the exhibit brings more foot traffic downtown”

“With Grassroots Local Market being a community supported initiative, we find it important to support other organizations with similarly minded community oriented goals. Believing in our local citizens and their work will only help bring to life the city we all want to see thrive. Community supporting community is what it is all about!” Victoria Bartholomew, Grassroots Local Market

“The arts, including public art, play an important role in developing vital communities”, said Kim Soerensen, president of the James River Council. “They foster creativity and heighten our cultural intelligence. Public art gives a City personality. An arts-oriented City creates a positive effect on business development and social and physical connectivity. The James River Council for the Arts and Humanities is proud to create projects and provide platforms like this that advance both the arts and economic development.
We appreciate all building owners lending their spaces and especially Grassroots Local Market for allowing us to have a reception at their future location. This collaboration between the arts and businesses is what helps our community to strive as a whole”

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