Downtown Donuts: A Tasty Tour

Glazed or filled? Round or…square?

Yes, in the world of donuts, options abound. And in Downtown Lynchburg, there’s no need to choose because you can find it all right here—some donuts even come with choose-your-own toppings, dips and frostings!

So, here’s our complete roundup for all of downtown’s circular confections. Pick up a box (or three!), grab a seat on the Bluffwalk, and be prepared for some serious noms.

1. Mrs. Joy’s Absolutely Fabulous Treats

Artistic cookie creations may have put her on the map, but the owner of Mrs. Joy’s has got serious donut skills as well and an understandably dedicated following. You can expect melt-in-your-mouth squares of deliciousness—yes, square! And we dare you to try and choose between classic glazed, maple glazed, or homemade toppings. For the serious donut enthusiast, she loads up her Boston cream option with French pastry cream and tops it with more than a generous amount of rich ganache. Next level, y’all.

2. Urbavore

Yup. Vegan donuts have arrived on Church Street: PETA-friendly and 100% enjoyment! Urbavore, a plant-based eatery is serving up a variety of equally gorgeous and delectable vegan yeast donuts. You even have ample choices from classic glaze to chocolate and from butterscotch to maple glazed with toasted pecans for an added crunch. If you’re ready for  some pops of colorful flavor, try the bright raspberry glaze


3. Father’s Bakery at Lynchburg Community Market

Coming soon to the Lynchburg Community Market, Father’s Bakery (formerly Father’s Table) will open with all sorts of goodies. We hear that there will be bread, bagels, and, of course, donuts! Stay tuned for updates.


4. Cinn City

If you haven’t tried downtown’s fresh beignets and cinnamon buns, you are missing some goodness. They’re not donuts, technically, but when scratch-made, sugar-fried dough is involved, we are here for it. With a heavy dusting of powdered sugar, Cinn City won’t disappoint. Make sure you grab some cinnamon buns while you’re there and have fun choosing among the dozens of toppings, frostings, and drizzles. Pick up some milk or a handcrafted latte to round out this foodie experience!

5. Mama Crockett’s

On the outskirts of downtown on historic 5th Street you’ll find your stop for fresh apple cider donuts; they are highly addictive—you’ve been warned! Topped with cinnamon maple sugar, Mama Crockett’s sweets have a slight crisp on the outside and a subtle apple flavor in every bite (that’s thanks to the local pressed cider they add to the batter just before frying). We recommend ordering the “truck dozie” for a box of 12 classics, but since this operation has expanded from a truck into their newly opened storefront, they’re also offering bonus coatings, like Caramel Crunch, Chocolate Toffy, Lemon Crunch, and donut dip options, like Salted Caramel or Raspberry, on a regular rotation.

So, take a stroll…it’s just over a mile to hit all six of these delicious destinations.