Eating Right in Downtown

The Healthy Plate at Depot

Develop a Taste for the Healthy Plate Challenge! 

For the month of January, Live Healthy Lynchburg is challenging you to pick your favorite Healthy Plate at one of our fantastic local restaurants.  Three of our Downtown restaurants are participating if you want to get in on the voting:  The Depot Grille, Waterstone, and Shoemakers.  Live Healthy Lynchburg challenged restaurants to develop a Healthy plate, one for adults and one designed just for kids.  While there weren't strict calorie restrictions on the plate, the plate did have to be made up of half fruits and veggies, one quarter protein and one quarter grains.  Downtown restaurants offer lots of healthy options for you to choose to reach your goals.  

For more information about how you can vote in the Healthy Plate Challenge, or about how to choose a good-for-you plate on your own, click to: