PSL Journey Through Downtown

Lynchburg is home to dozens of coffee shops, and some of the very best are right here in downtown! Which is great news because the season of the PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) – is upon us!

But who’s got the best spiced beverages?

Fear not - we’re here to help. We made it our mission to scour the menus for the warmest and tastiest fall drinks to create an all-access guide to the autumn downtown coffee scene – including drink, treats, and a few extras along the way!


1. The White Hart

1208 Main Street
M-Th 7am-9pm, F 7am-10pm, Sa 8am-10pm, Su 10:30am-7pm

This is a fun one. At The White Hart this fall you can enjoy classics like a PSL, salted caramel latte, or a chai latte. If you prefer something a little more unique, you can also go for the snickerdoodle latte, which is just the right balance of sweet and strong. Any of these delicious drinks would pair nicely with the apple ginger scone.

Want to create your own fall concoction? Go for it! With a variety of flavors and milk, you can customize any latte to make it taste like whatever fall means to you.

Photo by IG User @lionandlambcafe

Photo by IG User @lionandlambcafe

2. Grains of Sense

1219 Main Street
M-F 8am-2pm, Sa 7am-2pm

Located inside the Lynchburg Community Market, Grains of Sense has one of the most unique menus available downtown! Stop by to try one of the fall specialty drinks, like the honey-nut macchiato, salted caramel matcha with Himalayan salt, and apple chai latte. If you prefer more traditional options you can opt for the PSL, pumpkin pie latte, or a flavored hot chocolate. Their menu also includes gluten-free baked goods, including three variations of a streusel coffee cake and a vegan pumpkin molasses muffin! Basically, order one of everything.


3. Gilded

1108 Church Street
M-F 8:30am-8pm, Sa 8am-8pm, Su 9am-5pm

This gem is also a new addition to downtown! From the minds that gave us Live Trendy or Die and Nomad Coffee, we have Gilded! Whether you’re looking for local art, a witty card, or a tasty cup of joe, Gilded has what you need. They’ve got classics like pumpkin spice and chai lattes, as well as their signature drink, The Blue Ridge, made with white chocolate, coconut, and mint. And WOW it’s a good one. A major plus is that this shop is right across the street from our pocket park, so you can snag your goodies and then head across the street to enjoy them!


4. Marigold

Located on the first floor of The Virginian Hotel, we literally cannot think of a more elegant coffee shop. Stopping here anytime is such a treat! Marigold’s fall menu includes a new signature option – the pumpkin chai latte. You can add a shot of espresso to make yours a little stronger, or go sans espresso for a little less buzz. Whichever way you take your drink, make sure you order it ‘for here’ so you can enjoy it in gorgeous surroundings.

5. Cafe Bliss

828 Main Street
M-F 7:30am-4:30pm

Located on the first level of Bank of the James building is the beloved Cafe Bliss, who is featuring an oat milk gingerbread latte this season. Read that again. Oat milk gingerbread latte! Yes, it is as good as you’re imagining. You can even bring your tea-drinking friends and have them try the spiced caramel pear tea from Good Karma Tea Co. Whichever you choose, you’ll want to add in the pumpkin muffin. Just get all those fall flavors in there!


6. Mission House Coffee

722 Commerce Street
M-Th 11am-10pm, F-Sa 11am-11pm

Option, options, options! Mission House Coffee knows how to serve a solid brew. With lattes like butterbeer, sober Irishman, and peach cobbler what’s not to love?! Our personal favorite is the pumpkin pancakes latte, with pumpkin spice, maple, brown sugar, and cinnamon. It tastes like a dreamy it really can’t get much better, right?

Something we love about this growing business is that every month they give back to a local organization. So when you head over for your new favorite fall drink, be sure to round up your total when they ask. All that extra change will go towards eliminating racism and empowering women. We can get on board with that!


7. Backline Coffee

901 Jefferson Street, Suite G7
M-Su 8am-7pm

Located inside Speakertree, your favorite local record shop, Backline is an absolute vibe. From the music to the menu, this place has it all. And while you can still get your beloved PSL here, we recommend trying their Caramel Apple Mocktail. Yes – they have mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails)! Made with Mama Crockett’s apple cider and topped off with an apple lollipop, this drink tastes just like apple pie.


8. Dublin 3 Coffeehouse

Dublin 3 is a hotspot for downtown goers because of it's cozy atmosphere and great selection. They're keeping us in suspense for just a little longer with their fall menu, but we're hoping they keep around a few favorites from last year! Especially their ginger & honey cappuccino and maple spice latte!

So there you have it! Lynchburg has a booming coffee scene that locals are proud to support. And with menus as creative as these, who wouldn’t want to support them? Every time you visit one of these locations you’re supporting local spending and enhancing our community - just try not to over-caffeinate.

Use the map below to take a stroll and try that drink you can’t stop thinking about! Make sure to post a picture of your visit on social media and tag us so we can share your experience with others!