Five Reasons to Speakeasy

Shrouded in the mystery of a secret location, Speakeasy is keeping guests guessing. What we CAN reveal is that this party-of-last-century will tantalize all five senses, with something new around every corner.


Flat Five Jazz

We mustn’t forget the horns. Between the burlesque, be sure to tempt your ears with the intoxicating sounds of Flat Five Jazz. But, don’t just sit there…their music is designed for you to get on up and cut a rug.


Virginia Distillery Company

If you think that whisky is just for tasting, think again. Your olfactory system is just as important in the process of enjoying a fine liquor produced just up the road in Nelson County. The expert staff from Virginia Distillery Company will be on-hand to guide you through your Whisky Experience. So, go ahead, take a sniff.


Tansy, The Elizabeth Taylor of Burlesque

Witness the one-and-only Tansy as she takes the Speakeasy stage for a tantalizing burlesque show filled with sophisticated sensuality and humor. A staple on the New York City burlesque stages, she is admired for her classic energy, storytelling, and joie de vivre. Described as “channeling the sublime glamour of another era,” her performance will have you lost between the centuries.


Purple Door Gourmet Kitchen & Catering

What’s a party without a few snacks? Michelle Ayers of Purple Door Gourmet Kitchen & Catering will be whipping up a selection of bitesize finger foods for your delight. These hors d’oeuvres are included in your ticket price, so be sure to try a few. Delish!


Pap’s Cigar Company

There’s something to be said about the sensation you get when you hold a fine cigar between your fingers. Even occasional partakers can feel like king connoisseurs when they enjoy a relaxing smoke in the Pap’s Cigar Company Outdoor Lounge. Be sure to pick up a stogie or two from the roaming cigar girls throughout the night.

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