Spreading the LOVE All Year Long

The LOVE at the Craddock - Terry

A Blog Post on LOVE?  Valentine's Day is over, you say?  No, we say!  This is Virginia!  Virginia is always for LOVE.   There are so many things to love in Downtown Lynchburg, we can't limit it to just one day


LOVE Downtown!  We know that Virginia is for Lovers.  Nature lovers, history lovers, antique lovers... you name it, you can find your passion in Virginia.  Downtown Lynchburg is no exception to that. We've been putting the LOVE out there in a big way. 

Last summer, the 

James River Council for the Arts and Humanities

 unveiled the LOVE sculpture that stands along the James River Heritage Trial near Percival's Island.  Local artist Paul Clements' sculpture honors Lynchburg's love of outdoor activity.  Each of the bright red letters are decorated with foot prints, paddles, cycling wheels, and skate board wheels.  Since it was installed, it has become a popular place for photos.  If you check 


 or the 

Virginia Is For Lovers Facebook Page

, it won't take you long to find Lynchburg's bright red LOVE letters among the photos!  This LOVE sculpture was created as part of the Virginia Tourism Corporation's campaign to develop the sculptures across the state. 

If the LOVE sculpture at Percival's celebrates Lynchburg's outdoorsy side, then the one at the 

Craddock Terry Hotel

 celebrates Lynchburg's glamorous side!  Located at 1315 Commerce Street, a bright red shoe topped with sparking, silver LOVE welcomes guests to the hotel and anyone driving along Commerce Street. This sculpture was created by the Craddock Terry staff with the help of volunteers and is constructed of wood, glass and mirrors. 

You can learn more about both sculptures at


.  When you post your photos with the sculptures, be sure to hashtag them #LoveVA, and #DowntownLynchburg!  We LOVE to see and share them!

LOVE Sculpture at Pervical's Island Natural Area