2017 Individual Donors


Downtown Visionaries


Brian Crowder

Christina Delzingaro

Dan Hague

Becky Hawkins

Don and Roselyn Kidd

Richard and Robin Loving

Amanda Macleod

Kimball Payne

Ryan and Schuyler Somers

Leah Weibe

Downtown Ambassadors


Victoria Bartholomew

Anna and Thomas Bentson

Stuart Brust 

Mary and Jud Dalton

Margaret Dillard
— in honor of Dorie Smiley

Tremayne Edwards

Brandon Farmer

Heidi Godinez-Cartas

Timothy Gosnell 

Andrea Greenmun

Dave Henderson 

Megan Huffman 

Nancy Marion

Kathleen Olinger 

Don Pendelton

Chris Shackelford

Downtown Dreamers


Larry Bassett

Sam and Lauren Baum

James Davis, III

Rodger and Ann Fauber
— in honor of Libby and Paul Fitzgerald

Libby and Paul Fitzgerald

Wesley Fugate
— in honor of Ashley Kershner

Rachel Gagen 

Sarah Hellewell

Larry Jackson

Brandon Jones

Ashley and Geoffrey Kershner

Sandy Lawrence

Thorne McCraw

Carol Mello

Dennis Newton

Elizabeth Russell 

Marc Schewel
in honor of Nancy Payne

Dorie Smiley 

Eric Spain and Tobi Jaeger

Elizabeth Stroud

Brittany Sydnor

Jane and Ken White
in honor of Nancy Marion

Friends of Downtown


Lee and Sharon Ainslie

Robert Babcock

Theodore and Virginia Batt

Thomas and Mary Stuart Battle
— in honor of Ashley Kershner

Betsy Beam

John Gregory Brown

Candace and Pete Caprise

David Cook

Rosemary and George Dawson

Elizabeth Doyle

Jean and Edward Fielding

Polly Flint

Melinda Hester

George Hurt

Annmarie Hutchinson
— in honor of Heather Zippel

Pheobe and Scott Hyman

Kate Jenkins

Philip and Lauren Kershner

Lisa and Timothy Liston

Catherine Lynn and Vincent Scully
in honor of Nancy Marion

Catherine and Mike Madden

Allen and Karen Majewski 

Bob and Judy Martin

Thomas and Sherri Meyer

Lindsay Patton

Andrew Pearson 

Nagesh Prabhu

Janice Puckett

Daniel and Ana Schepens

Joseph Shipman

Richard and Jenny Tugman

Peter and Jessica Ward

Patty and Ken West

Heather Zippel