A New Grocery Store Downtown? Yes!


1300 Main Street, left, will soon be the home of a new grocery store!

The Depot Grille's Dave Poole is one of Downtown's busy and entrepreneurial business owners, but we managed to get Dave to answer a few questions about a new project in Downtown Lynchburg.  Poole and Dan Hague of Rise Up Climbing are teaming up to bring Downtown a new business in 2013: a full service grocery store.  To be located at 1300 Main Street, the new grocery will be a welcome sight in Downtown!

Question:  We're excited about a grocery on Main Street.  Can you tell us a few of the features that you are considering?

Answer:  We are planning on a full line of groceries with emphasis on local, natural and organic products.  We'll be open seven days a week.

Question:  What made you decide to pursue this kind of project at this time?

Answer:  The growing downtown residential population makes this timing perfect.

Question:  It's a new project, but the building is old.  What do you know about the history of 1300 Main Street?

Answer:  Most likely, the original use was a garment factory.  It was also a publishing house and a paint and wallpaper store. Of course, most recently it was Estate Specialists.

Question:  You and Dan Hague are both well known as owners of other Downtown Businesses (in Depot Grille and Rise Up Climbing), how did the two of you come together on this project?

Answer:  We both have a deep rooted belief in the Downtown.  We saw this property as an ideal opportunity to offer a much needed service to downtown.

Question:  Any other projects on the horizon?

Answer:  NO!  We strongly believe in concentrating our effort for maximum success!