5 Reasons to Buy a Bluffwalk Brick

Have you heard about our latest downtown project? It’s called Bluffwalk Bricks, and we are very excited about it. Make your mark on downtown with a personalized laser-engraved brick and a meaningful message for you or someone you love.

At a loss for words? Don’t worry. We came up with 5 reasons you’ll want to buy a brick today and add an extra special message.

Water Bearer on Bluffwalk.jpg


1. It’s the perfect gift!

This holiday season, one size fits ALL. Anyone who loves Lynchburg will appreciate a brick in their honor. Plus, for that someone who already has everything, this is something truly unique that you can share. It’s a gift that so many will love, enjoy, and treasure.


2. Because someone is very special to you.

Whether it was your grandma, your childhood friend, or your third grade teacher, we’ve all had someone make a big impact in our lives. Now is your chance to say “Thank You” by purchasing a brick in their honor, and we’ll have their name and your message engraved. This gift will stand the test of time and show everyone just how special your someone is.


3. Because you’re a proud pet parent.

The Bluffwalk just got a lot more animal-friendly! Purchase a brick for your fluffy companion, whether he’s still here or gone to that great big farm in the sky. Let their memory bring an extra touch of joy to downtown.


4. Because your purchase supports downtown improvement.

Proceeds from Bluffwalk Bricks will help DLA do more projects in downtown – which includes pocket parks, events, public art, and the Adopt-a-Block program, just to name a few. Projects like these are what DLA is all about, and you can find more of our projects and programs here.


5. Because you want to advertise your business.

Take advantage of our bricks get some of the most affordable (and memorable) advertisement your business can find! Buy a brick for your company and engrave your name along with your slogan, your services, or a fun message. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Find a reason (or make up your own) to buy a brick, and support your local community this holiday season! Click here to purchase your Bluffwalk Brick today.